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QR code self-serve ordering system form table

Table QR Code, Order and Pay direct from Table

  • table-ordering

    Table ordering system

    Digital ordering system is accessed by easily scanning a QR Code from table. Slef dine-in order from phone and pay.

  • genrate-qr-code

    Generate and print your QR codes

    Enable contactless ordeing system for your business. Get the unique Qr code and Scan to open your ordering page.

  • contactless-experience

    Contactless experience for your dine-in clients

    Guests scan the QR code to open your online menu page using their mobile. They can choose the items and pay driectly from mobile.

  • order-admin-application

    Order go to your admin application

    Easy method of digitizing your menu and ordering process. Every order push driecty to admin application to manage with table number.

  • digital-menu

    Digital menu for hotels

    Let your guest experience digital menu for food ordering. Make your own menu for your hotel restaurant.

  • get-unique-qr-code

    Get unique QR code for order and pay

    Genrate QR menu is dynamic and easy to control your hotel room services. Guests scan a QR code and access menu on their device.

  • call-waiter-calling

    No more older system for waiter calling

    If guests need special assistance then they can send notification to admin application from simple scan of QR code.

  • order-management

    Order management with no training required

    Once a guest places an order, hotel restaurant staff can easily see the notification on the admin application.

Easy but powerful digital menu and ordering system

Room QR Code, Ordering and payment system for hotels

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